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Adam Savage's Mandalorian Helmet

/Material: PVC, Fiberglass, Metal Coating, Acrylic & Cinnamon

    Created as a gift for Adam Savage on behalf of the Mandalorian Mercs, this helmet was presented to him at his MMCC honorary membership ceremony at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017. The design itself was based off of the rusty Mythbusters sheet metal logo and the show’s crash test dummy poster child “ Buster”.


    The piece is scratch built  from a bicycle helmet and cut sheets of 6mm sintra and found objects. The weathering is meant to emulate tarnished and battered steel using layers of Iron colored spray paint over Krylon hammered paint, which is then rubbed down with silver Rub N Buff and then wiped away with mineral spirits to highlight the hammered texture.


    A combination of iron coatings, atomized steel, and cinnamon powder were user to create the rust, which was then meticulously painted with shades of acrylic paint to replicate the gradient splotches of real rust. Cinnamon was used to bring a powdery rusty texture under the paint, as well as serve as the base for the bright orange rust. A graphite pencil was used to highlight the exposed edges to give the helmet a metallic sheen on top of the rub N buff surface.

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