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AR-T3CO  Raygun

/Material: 3D Print/

       Inspired by the art deco aesthetic and streamline trains, this original custom designed ray gun was a gift to my girlfriend. This ray gun is part of a series of Blasters and Sci Fi Weapons made in different points in time, this one being the 40s. The AR--T3CO ( art deco, see what I did there) was designed in Rhino and 3d printed in PLA. 

      The base paint is Ivory with airbrushed recesses and acrylic washes. For the copper Highlights I used a light and dark copper Rub N Buff. For the aluminum pieces, I airbrushed silver enamel and covered that with 2 coats of gloss clear coat. A blueprint was made to go along with the weapon which was printed on white paper, and then stained and aged with coffee.

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