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Drone Constructor

/Material: Resin, Acrylic, /

       Created as part of a series of experimental designs, processes, and an excuse to try out my new airbrush,  this helmet is one of five different designs created for my Senior Exhibition during my last month at California College of the Arts. The helmet was designed in Solidworks and then 3D printed. I made a latex mold and slush casted five in polyurethane resin.

    This design was based off of a rusty old yellow street sign I saw at a gas station. For this helmet I experimented more in painting faux rust rather then relying on  metal coatings. After the yellow and black were applied, I dabbed different shades of brown and red acrylic paint and then rubbed them away with an alcohol cloth, giving splotchier patterns, I would also mix in ground cinnamon with the paint and dab it in to build up texture and give it a more fresh orange rust appearance. Once that was done, and some shades of brown were airbrushed on, Rub N Buff and graphite were then lightly rubbed on all edges to give a shimmering appearance



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