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/Material: Found Materials/

Inspired by the wild west and civil war era Gatling gun. This gun is part of a series of blasters and Sci Fi weapons made in different points in time, this one being the 1800s.  The Hand Cannon Is made from a variety of found materials found at the local recycling center.

  The gun is airbrushed with a variety of metallic tones and highlighted with metallic enamels and graphite using brushes and sandpaper. The rust is a mix of acrylic paint and Cinnamon, with just a dab of atomized iron for extra shine. For the browner more discolored areas, I used a combination of different shades of copper Rub N Buff. It is paired with a blueprint which was drawn by hand and scanned several times to mimic old ink on the final print after photoshop, and later aged and distressed with coffee and a candle flame.

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