/Material: Fiberglass & resin cast parts

    This project was lead by the talented prop maker Shawn Thorsson of Thorsson & Associates Workshop who's work can be found here . The original suit was made for the Schick razor company for promotional appearances at the 2016 Game Awards and SDCC. These additional five were requested by the company a year later for the South American market. All five suits were finished in forty days You can read more about this project on my blog here.


    The suits are made from a combination of fiberglass, resin, and flex foam cast parts.I was brought on as the shop assistant whose main responsibility was to lay up fiberglass parts, as well as cast several pieces in resin. Once all the pieces were cast, sanded and primed, they were painted and clear coated by Shawn. I also cast several of the under-suit elements in flex foam soaked in spandex. My responsibility at this point was to assemble the boots, thighs, forearms, and shoulders. This was done with a combination of aluminum flat stock, nylon webbing, and bondoglass.


   We were able to get one suit finished in time for an interview with The New Screensavers, skip ahead to 52:00.