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Commander Nokka Tarc

/Material: PVC, Fiberglass, Found Materials/

   This armor was created to teach myself more about working with thermoplastics, and was my first step into working with faux finishes. My intent was to use this armor as a way to join the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club and learn from  local prop makers upon joining.

   All the armor is made from 6MM sintra beveled on a router and shaped to my body. The gauntlets are a combination of sintra and vacuform parts. The original design and paint job (see bottom variant) was achieved by layering shades of metallic paint masked with toothpaste, and a top coat of ivory white, with acrylic paint to emulate rust. Over time, the paint job was updated with an Iron based metal coating mixed with atomized steel, which then oxidized with various patina solutions in my shower to create a real rusty finish.  

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