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Gutter Punk

/Material: Resin, Acrylic, Atomized Aluminum /

      Created as part of a series of experimental designs, processes, and an excuse to try out my new airbrush,  this helmet is one of five different designs created for my Senior Exhibition during my last month at California College of the Arts. The helmet was designed in Solidworks and then 3D printed. I made a latex mold and slush casted five in Polyurethane resin.


   Based off of the original concept color scheme, this helmet is by far one of my favorites I’ve made. The piece is cold casted in with atomized aluminum buffed with steel wool and polished vigorously. The lower lower jaw’s look was achieved by spray painting black paint on the area , then continually applying duct tape while ripping it off, taking away random chunks of paint giving it a work and battered look. The helmet was then detailed with shades of gunmetal black for the look of carbon scoring, and for added definition. For addid shine, Powdered graphite was brushed and wiped on the entire helmet.  

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