Art Deco Raygun build

I wanted to be more original with some projects. After many back and forth conversations with myself, I decided to begin a series on classic designed ray-guns. I've always been a fan of the Art Deco aesthetic so I thought why not design an art decoy ray-gun? Scribbling in my notebook, I came up with a rough sketch inspired by old streamline trains. Then did the rest of the designing in Rhino.

Crappy little sketch to begin with. Now to make it in Rhino!

This is the Rhino design. Took a while to get the design down but it looks great! Several iterations took me to this point. At some point when I start producing these on a small scale I'll modify the design slightly.

Let the 3D printing begin!!! Yes!!

All pieces sanded and ready to smooth out. Testing an epoxy resin to smooth out the prints. Not recommended to use again...

Alright, so basic paint job done. Spray paint and Rub N Buff for the metallic highlights. Looking good!!!! But it needs some wear and tear.

Also I got bored... wanted to have something a little extra! I took all the views from Rhino and imported them into Illustrator and made a blueprint to go along with the gun. An extra layer of detail. I'll age this manually once it's printed.

Back to aging the gun! Took advantage of my airbrush skills to make the carbon scoring on the end of the barrel.

NICE FINE SHINY FINISH! Rub N buff, got to love it! Next time thought I'll cold cast it all in aluminium.

Giving it an acrylic wash for a more gritty, dirty look.

Aged up the blueprint. Used a combination of coffee and hydrogen peroxide.

And final product. Used a few found parts to bring out more detail. The button off of a trumpet valve for the dial for example.

A few of the one's I've made in the past. More to come!

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