SVCC Film & Cosplay Panel

So while at SVCC, I was able to be a quest panelist with my friend Disciple at the cosplay & filmaking pannel. A fantastic opportunity to talk about recent project I've been working on!

My time and discussion at the panel wasn't solely focused on my work. During the time, i was a handful of weeks away from graduating CCA , so I enlightened the audience about my personal journey in building my education as a prop maker using CCA's Individualized major program and how I revolved my studies to prepare me for a carer in prop making for Film.

Making sure to emphasize that everyone's journey is different, I let everyone know about my goals and plans to make my carer happen: how I had been doing PA and art department work for local film jobs, how I had been preparing my resume, and how I had been going out of my way to ask advice and questions from local artists who work in the field. In the end the best piece of advice I could give everyone at the panel was to make sure to distribute you're networking aside from your skill. You could build the greatest . most fantastic rollercoaster ever in the middle of no where, but if you don't tell or show people, no one will notice it, yea, I said something like that.

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