Adam Savage MMCC Honorary Membership Gift

In 2016 the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club voted to make Adam Savage an honorary member of the club. Awesome right? Usually when the Mandalorian Mercs make you an HM, you get a cool custom plaque and a custom name tag, but this is Adam Savage, I felt like he needed something .....more. So within the year before his ceremony,I designed and scratch built him his own Mando bucket. I'll have another post on how exactly it was made later on.

I've worked with Adam before and I was the one emailing him and his assistant back back and forth to set up this event but I assumed he wouldn't recognize me in my suit when he first arrived. That being said, I was extremely surprised when he mentioned he'd seen my armor before. I assumed he just meant last SVCC but to my surprise he said he'd recently seen my thread on the RPF about making my armor. I posted there recently describing how I used cinnamon and acrylic paint as faux rust. After a brief maker to maker discussion he recommended something called "barnard clay" to achieve similar results.

Conner Green, former head of the Northern California Chapter of the MMCC, presented Adam with his custom HM plaque and name tag. I'm sure these will make a fine addition to his collection (said in General Grevious voice *Cough Cough*).

After Conner's introduction, I handed Adam his Bucket. Glad he liked it.

When Adam put it on, we were all a little shocked when he said, "Man, you Stormtroopers can't see anything in these!" jokingly. And then immediately after "I know you guys aren't Stormtroopers, don't worry." Good one XD

I'm happy he got a chance to talk with the club as a whole. Everyone was very glad that he loved the concept of the Mando Mercs, having a costume club that lets your creative freedom run in your character design as you chose it. We were all very happy!

Thank you Adam for giving us your time!

(Photos by Sierra Haworth.)

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