PAST BUILD!! 2016- 2017 Apology for the bad quality photos, this build was made in art school some when I had a very bad phone.

All righty, here's something good. First attempt at something big and bold for my portfolio. Made this in-between classes during my sophomore junior year (2015-2016) of art school. I learned a lot about electronics, fiberglass mold making, and lots of new painting techniques for this build. Plus I think I got some extra attention living in the dorms with this thing.

So here we are, Summer of 2015 at California College of the Arts. My nice little side project during my work-study job.

Skirt was made from 1/4' MDF panels glued around a 1' MDF base reinforced with lumber and later fiberglassed from the inside. The bumper was just CNCed MDF reinforced with fiberglass with a few bolts that hold the wheels together underneath, then I push it down hill, weeeeeee!!

This took me about a month and a half to get to this point. Fairly good considering I had no access to the shops over the summer. Luckily I had my grandpa's good old jigsaw! The smaller thing is a jetpack I was also working on, separate thread.

FUN FACT! The hemispheres on the sides are actually vending machine capsules ordered in bulk. I used E6000 and to glue in bolts and then reinforced it with expanding foam.

And here we are in my dorm room because only seniors get to have a studio to store their artwork, thank god I didn't have a roommate.... Here I'm starting construction of the shoulders and gun-box, using plywood as its base.

Most people use lamented wood or wet MDF for the shoulder outer skin. I had several sheets of 6mm PVC foam laying around so I ended up just using that and a heat-gun; worked perfectly. The real challenge was getting the gun-box to line up with the holes.

All righhtttt, making progress. Cutout the neck rings with a router. Starting to make the arm pivot boxes. The ball joints I'm going to end up using are garden orbs that I'll weld the appendages to. I laser-cut some covers just to make it look nice on the front too.

The neck rings were just made using MDF and unlike the plans, and were given a nice chamfered edge using my router.

Alright now while that's all going on in the background here's the progress of the dome. My goal was to make a fiberglass mold so I ended up using my school's CNC to carve out the plug. Here we see it right out of the router, then after using the heck out of the palm sander. Sanded it and smoothed it with polyurethane floor sealer so it's all prepped for mold-making.

And here we are, pulled right off of the plug! I ended up cutting a pice of styrene and glueing it in the mold so I'll have a. nice little guide on where to cut out the eye pivot slit. After some waxing, PVA, another coat of gelcoat and layers of fiberglass later, I have the dome! At this point in my life I've never been so proud of myself.

Fun fact!! My school had no rules or guidelines on fiberglass before I came around, Now they banned it !,

( Sorry underclassmen and future students.)

Working on the pully and pivot system for the operator. Nothing too fancy literally just wheels turning the head with a string and lever to move the eye stalk. Speaking of eye Stalk...

IDID'NT REALIZE HOW HEAVY THIS THING WOULD BE., reminds me of this photo of someone finding a dalek in the lake.

Okay just fooling around with some test electronics here. This build also doubled up as a class assignment for my interactive class. Was learning arduino at the time so why not right? I have a patch running in Max MSP that converts my voice into the classic dalek voice while also changes the neopixles in the eye from blue to red. Cool effect from the eye stalk, Used a bubbled lense from a pair of sunglasses to give the neopixles a reflection. Those eye rings are just lasercut acrylic.

So prior to this build I didn't know that the original daleks used a paint roller for thier gun arm.... Had I known that I would have just went out and bought one but no. I had to be the stubborn guy who makes everything! My gun arm is welded from pieces I found in my schools scrap bin.

Doing some last minute touch ups for an interactive electronics show. I'm adding dome remote control under glow lights underneath the bumper, you gotta go all out with the lights on this thing.