Bronze Green Lantern Rings

So I have some time to Kill and an empty space in the wall for my Senior Exhibition, hmmmmmm. I decided to bronze cast some Rings. I got this file offline and 3D printed 15 in PLA, Normaly people cast in wax and burn out the wax in the plaster mold. Luckily PLA will burn out just as easily so no need to make these out of wax!

I hated this part. gating is the worst. Have to be so meticulous, ughh!!!!! But now thier ready to be inserted into the plaster mix, and then burn out!

Will upload video soon.

Success, my gat tree held up! In total I didnt spend much on bronze when it was all cut to size....

Speaking of cutting to size... This part took a while with the grinder. Half of the rings had no flashing, which was great. The other half I made due, the cracking of the plaster caused more than flashing, it made many of the rings bumpy, like a hammered texture, I went with it.

See what I mean. I like it though.

Lots of hand filing to do on these. takes up most of my time.

PATINA TIME! Had to capture this one, this particular patina caused a green flame! Nice.

This one's my favorite. Steel wool rubb and a vinegar fume bath. Classic green patina.

Some more patina combinations.

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