Shawn Thorsson's Power Armor Build

My good ol' buddy Shawn Thorsson ( great guy, buy his book here) is working on a set of Fallout power armor. His build diary can be found on his blog

Every once in a while when I can I try to help out where I can at his shop and learn a thing or two. Especially with this build! While I've helped out here and there before this blog post I haven't documented anything prior. ( I mean, who wants to read about sanding and bondo right?)

First, some fooling around !

Today was under suit day, While all the armor is all fiberglassed and ready to sand, it need's a rubber under suit. The plan is to sculpt it on top of a rigid foam base. Guess who's job it is to set that up!

Cutting out the rough profiles of the exposed areas, groin, elbows knees ets.

Hot glue and walahhh, put together

Little bit ow water tight(ish) wax paper around the edges to seal in the shape. Now onto expanding foam!

LET IT GROW!!!!!! Sadly we ran out of expanding foam :(. It was about ready to call it a day anyway.

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