CCA Commencement Ceremony

Well I did It , I graduated from CCA! But I can't graduate without going out in style. I made a Facebook post three years ago that if I graduated from CCA, I would walk in TK armor. I followed through. A while back I bough a set of Anovos Stormtrooper armor and I never got around to finishing it until the last week of school, good timing.

The only one who knew I was doing this was my Girlfriend. Needless to say, my mother was very surprised to see my walk on stage. I caught her reaction on tape and it was better than expected.

I feel a little overdressed.

Ready to accept my diploma sir,

And there we have it, I'm a fully graduated art student!

We did it guys!!

#Costume #Cosplay #CCA #FreddySchramm #StarWars #stormtrooper #graduation

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