Hockey mask- Ace Awards video.

For the Ace Awards skit video, I was tasked with making a store bought Halloween hockey mask look more like Jason Voorhees. I'm extremely proud of this small project because this was my first time I was able to demonstrate my ageing and weathering skills on set.

I was given the project on day one of the shoot. I didn't have any heads up the day before so I didn't bring my personal ageing kit. All I had to work with was the Art Directors acrylic paint.

I used Ivory paint to age the plastic a little for a start. Then using rubbing alcohol from the first aid kit I have it a wash of brown around the vents .

Cut out a piece of making tape and painted it red for the decal on the head.

I used more combinations of muddy brown paint for the vents. Just for giggles I grabbed ground coffee beans from the snack table , mixed it in water and sponges it on for an added layer of duty wash.

Turned out great!

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