Hydrobot build- Thorsson & Associates workshop

Working at Thorsson & Associates workshop, we build five identical costumes for the Schick razor company based off of their corporate mascot for promotional events. The original was built in 2016 by Shawn Thorsson, and five more were constructed In November 2017 by Shawn and myself.

Fiberglass molds from the last build ready for layup. 

Gelcoat applied and fiberglass laid up.

And out comes a hydrobot, now only four more to go!

In-between all the fiberglass layup and trimming I've been casting all the more elaborate greebles in Smoothcast 300.

The soft parts will have robot if limbs casted into the fabric. Here we used expanding latex foam in molds dusted with bronzing powder.

Poured in the foam, patted down the spandex, then clamped. 

The end result being a lovely soft robotic knee joint infused into the spandex.

Chest, back and knees. Repeat five times!

Cleaning up all the rough edges on the logo, prepping for primer.

Now things are cooking. Getting closer and closer to paint day!

Some pieces need to be bonded together with fiberglass

Here the back and the stomach pieces are made up of several smaller pieces of armor that being bonded together.

Shawn's production line is in full swing! All parts are in priming stage.

Set aside my Thanksgiving day (my choice) to prime and prep everything. Some sanding here and there.

Got  a little distracted by shop cat here

End of the day. Everything is prepped for paint!

While Shawn is painting all of these in the paint booth, I'm away fixing a few parts and prepping the structure that will make up the boots.

Priming all of the smaller pieces for chrome

All the more important chrome parts wet painted by Shawn, laying down a coat of glossy black with a light layer of chrome on top.

Here I'm gluing all the nylon webbing to the boot assembly

All the boots are assembled on the wooden base