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Drone Concepts

/Material: Resin, Acrylic, Atomized Metals

     The most experimental based project to date, these were all a self driven passion project originally just meant to teach me moldmaking and airbrushing. Designed in Rhino and 3d printed in my studio, these tiny drone heads were molded and slush casted in in my casting class. A total of 50 were casted out of polyurethane resin, more than half cold casted in various metal powders.  All of these helmets served as a prominent piece in my Senior Exhibition and many became gifts to teachers and friends




      Examples of techniques used are:

Cinnamon/ acrylic for rust, graphite pencil for metallic shine, duct tape peeling for battle damage, vinegar bath in sunlight for cold casted patina. spandex and laundry bag for airbrushed texture masking, oil paint & acrylic paint washes, rub n  buff, sandblasted for hammered texture.

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